Beth D. Corriea, Esq.

Beth Corriea is the President and founder of Think Legal360, P.C., a litigation and risk management consulting firm.  Think Legal360, P.C., provides risk management consulting services to a variety of clients within California and across the nation.  Working with the client, Think Legal360, P.C., conducts reviews and assessments of existing systems (including data collection and management) based upon best practices and provides guidance on building successful proactive risk management programs that are designed to identify and respond to risk issues across the organization with the over-arching goals of improving performance and efficiency and reducing liability.  Most recently, Think Legal360, P.C. has been providing consulting services for the New York City Police Department and assisted in the creation and development of its proactive risk management programs.  Think Legal360, P.C. also provides comprehensive litigation services that oftentimes begin before litigation is filed and continue after litigation has ended.  Think Legal360, P.C.’s litigation practice is presently engaged in the prosecution and defense of labor and employment litigation, civil rights litigation, personal injury and property damage matters.  Think Legal360, P.C. represents both employers and individuals in state and federal courts.  To date, Ms. Corriea has conducted a number of jury trials in state and federal court, has appeared before the California Supreme Court on three matters (winning unanimous decisions in two of those matters), and has also appeared before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the California Courts of Appeal.

From January 2012 to January 2014, Ms. Corriea served as the Department Risk Manager for the Los Angeles Police Department.  Ms. Corriea was appointed to the newly created position by the Chief of Police, Charlie Beck.  As the Department Risk Manager, Ms. Corriea was part of the senior staff and a direct report to the Chief of Police.  In this position, Ms. Corriea provided oversight, direction and management of the various components of the Los Angeles Police Department’s liability concerns.  Ms. Corriea’s risk management strategic plan focused on the following high-risk issues facing the Los Angeles Police Department:  use of force, traffic accidents, employment issues, Fair Labor Standards Act issues and workers’ compensation concerns.  Additionally, Ms. Corriea oversaw the operations of Legal Affairs Division, Risk Management Assessment Section, Risk Analysis Unit and Risk Management Coordination Unit.  Ms. Corriea also chaired the newly established Liability Management Committee and co-chaired the Risk Management Executive Committee.  In this role, Ms. Corriea served as the Los Angeles Police Department’s representative on all risk management and legal matters before the City Council, the City Attorney’s Office and the state and federal courts.

?Before her appointment to the Los Angeles Police Department, Ms. Corriea worked for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office as a Deputy City Attorney from July 2005 to December 2011.  Ms. Corriea was assigned to the LAPD Employment Litigation Section and became its supervisor in February 2010.  During her employment, Ms. Corriea defended employment litigation filed by former and current police officers against the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department and individual members of the Los Angeles Police Department.  As a Deputy City Attorney, Ms. Corriea conducted all facets of civil litigation, including pre-trial, trial, appellate work, settlements and advice.  Ms. Corriea completed a number of state and federal jury trials and earned admission into the American Board of Trial Advocates in 2010.  Membership in ABOTA is by invitation only and is limited to those who are of high personal character and honorable reputation.  During this time, Ms. Corriea also made appearances before the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit.  Published decisions in connection with Ms. Corriea’s work at the City Attorney’s Office include:  Chavez v. City of Los Angeles, 47 Cal. 4th 970 (2010), a unanimous, landmark decision in favor of the City of Los Angeles.  Additionally, Ms. Corriea made appearances before the Los Angeles City Council, its various committees, and the Los Angeles Police Commission.  As the Section’s supervisor, Ms. Corriea was responsible for managing the case assignments; settlement, trial and appellate decisions for approximately 100 open cases; and operating as the liaison between the City Attorney’s Office and the LAPD.

Prior to working for the City Attorney’s Office, Ms. Corriea worked as an associate at a law firm that served as outside counsel for the City of Los Angeles on police litigation matters.  While an associate, Ms. Corriea worked as the lead attorney on a number of employment litigation matters, including several multi-plaintiff lawsuits involving hundreds of witnesses and thousands of records.  As a second-year attorney, Ms. Corriea appeared before the Ninth Circuit, and as a fourth year attorney, Ms. Corriea fully briefed and appeared before the California Supreme Court on a landmark case.  The published decision can be found at:  Tipton-Whittingham, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, 34 Cal. 4th 604 (2004).  Ms. Corriea also fully briefed another matter before the California Supreme Court, a landmark decision on at-will employment.  Ms. Corriea was set to argue the matter, however, she accepted a position with the City of Los Angeles before oral argument took place.  In 2006, the California Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the summary judgment decisions that Ms. Corriea had obtained before the trial court.  The published decision can be found at:  Dore v. Arnold Worldwide et al., 39 Cal. 4th 384 (2006).