Joe Johal

Hewlett Packard: 1983 to 2003, engineering manager. Responsibilities included risk management, environmental, health and safety for five sites and over 12,000 employees worldwide. Member of Hewlett Packard’s worldwide Training and Education Council (one of ten members for 120,000 employees),

Wendy’s of the Pacific Inc.: 2002 to present, CEO. Responsibilities include operating multiple restaurants. President of Nor Cal DMA, trustee of Wendy’s National Advertisement Program, also franchisee for BP Arco and T-Mobile.

Founding board member for Tri Valley Bank, founding board member for Old Fashioned Franchise Association (franchise assoication for Wendy’s), founding board member Service Station Franchise Association (Arco BP Franchise Association), founding board member for American Petroleum and Convenient Store Association. Board member Alameda County Fair Foundation.