The California Business and Industrial Alliance Foundation is launching, a website that aims to warn workers about the potential drawbacks of filing a lawsuit under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).

PAGA is a misguided law that allows trial attorneys to enforce California’s workplace laws. Since becoming law in 2004, PAGA has done little to improve conditions for workers – all while helping trial lawyers rake in millions. These lawyers don’t even hide it. One PAGA attorney drives a Rolls Royce with a custom plate that says: MR PAGA.

Despite what self-interested PAGA attorneys might claim, PAGA does not result in larger wage recoveries for workers. A study released by the CABIA Foundation found that the current average payment a worker receives from a case decided by California’s Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) is 4.5 times greater than the recovery from a PAGA court case: $5,700 from an LWDA-decided case on average, versus $1,300 from a PAGA case.

Additionally, PAGA cases include attorneys’ fees that represent 33 percent or more of the workers’ total recovery. That comes to more than $372,000 per case on average. Compare that to the LWDA-decided cases, which have no attorneys’ fees. Additionally, workers wait an average of 12 months for their awards from LWDA-decided cases, whereas PAGA cases take an average of 23 months.

The problem is that many workers who are trying to settle a conflict with their employer have no clue there could be a better alternative to PAGA lawsuits.

The mission of is to reach workers who may be looking for a way to resolve a conflict with their employer and let them know PAGA is far from the only option – or even the best one.

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