In 2023, nearly 8,000 PAGA notices were filed with the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. These lawsuits unfairly target business owners with costly litigation and settlement fees. 

For too many years, business owners in the state saw their complaints about PAGA fall on deaf ears. The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) was founded to fix that, by the President of a California company that had itself been hit with a PAGA lawsuit. 

Our goal is simple: Expose the trial lawyers who have profited by PAGA, and tell the stories of small business owners who have suffered under the law. 

How CABIA fights back:

  • Groundbreaking Research: We were the first California trade group to release research documenting the poor outcomes for workers under PAGA.  
  • Aggressive Lawsuits: We sued the state to start a serious conversation about PAGA’s problems, and even got involved in a Supreme Court case. 
  • Creative Storytelling: We are the only trade group that has consistently sought out and publicized the stories of business owners in the state who have been harmed by PAGA.
  • Unapologetic Advocacy: We led the fight against the Labor Secretary nomination of PAGA advocate Julie Su

CABIA By the Numbers

  • 99 total media hits
  • 65 op-ed placements
  • 25 news stories
  • 1.1 billion reach

CABIA in the Media

Through video testimonials and media outreach, we reveal the real-life impacts of PAGA.


Join the Fight Against PAGA

CABIA is committed to reforming PAGA to protect our state’s businesses and promote a fairer economic environment. Support our cause and help us turn the tide against this burdensome law.