For Golden State businesses trying to reopen following the coronavirus lockdown, there’s one big question to consider: What’s the temperature in your company’s bathroom?

Actually, that’s just one of hundreds of questions business owners struggling to get up and running again will be expected to answer. Get one wrong, and it can open you up to a lawsuit under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) — a law that deputizes citizens to step in and enforce even the most minor infraction of California’s 1,100 page labor law digest. 

By the way, the correct answer of the bathroom temperature is 68 degrees. Even one degree lower, and it’s considered a violation. Don’t believe me? Just ask Big Lots, a company that’s currently staring down the barrel of a PAGA lawsuit over its own bathroom temperature.

The suit was filed by Joseph Lavi, whose Beverly Hills law firm ranks 9th in our Hall of Shame for the number of PAGA suits it has filed. Perhaps Lavi can use the settlement money to buy himself a new car to match Daniel Gaines, another well-known PAGA lawyer who actually drives around in a Rolls Royce that says “MR PAGA” on the license plate.

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