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Based in Calabasas, Gaines & Gaines ranks fourth in the state for PAGA claims filed.

  782 PAGA Claims

Plantiff Employer Submission Date
John Robinson American Corporate Security, Inc 07/30/2008
Bruce Tran SMC Corporation of America, Inc. 08/14/2008
Robert Adams Newell Rubbermaid, Inc., Seaton Corp., Inc., and SMX Corp., Inc. 08/28/2008
Robinson Ugoje Sereca Security Corporation 09/17/2008
not mentioned Closet World, Inc. 10/13/2008
David Flores Cintas Corporation 10/20/2008
Robert Adams Newell Rubbermaid, Inc., Seaton Corp., Inc., and SMX Corp., Inc. 10/22/2008
Claudio Solorio Pan American Agriculture Corporation c/o Rezania Safavi 12/01/2008
an aggrieved Leapfish Inc. and/or Dotnext, Inc. c/o Behnam Behrouzi 12/29/2008
A former Pizza Hut of Southeast Kansas, Inc. 01/26/2009
current and R.J. Security Services, Inc. c/o Robyn Hamilton 01/27/2009
Aggrieved Employees A-Link Holdings, Inc.; A-Link Wireless CA, LLC 02/05/2009
A former Ajilon, LLC; Ajilon Communications, LLC; Ajilon Communications of CA, LLC c/o C 03/09/2009
Former Employees Valley Inventory Service, Inc. 03/13/2009
Former employees Strategic Retail Solutions, LLC c/o Edward G. Kramer 04/02/2009
aggrieved employee H Granados Communications, Inc. C/o Laurie D. Rau 05/04/2009
Former employee Pacific Sunwear Stores Corp.; Pacific Sunwear of CA, Inc. 05/04/2009
Aggrieved Employees Adidas Promotional Operations, Inc. C/o CT Corporation Sy 05/12/2009
A former TA Operating LLC dba Travel Centers of America - California C/o Ogletree, et al 05/26/2009
a class TA Operating LLC dba Travel Centers of America 06/04/2009
Former Employees California Closet of Orange County/Long Beach, Inc. 06/22/2009
A former, Inc.; Mimeo, Inc. C/o CT Corporation System 07/02/2009
an aggrieved 99 Cents Only Stores, Inc. 07/15/2009
Former Employees LinkUs Enterprises, Inc. 08/11/2009
an aggrieved Pacwest Security Services; Simon Semaan; PSMG, Inc. 08/25/2009
an aggrieved Medley Communications 09/18/2009
A former RFG Oil, Inc. 09/23/2009
Current and Select Media Services, LLC 10/09/2009
Victor Rivera Coronado Manufacturing, Inc. 10/26/2009
Former employee Rush Truck Centers of California, Inc. c/o Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 12/03/2009
Former employee Unlimited PCS, Inc. 12/08/2009
Aggrieved employee Net Source Communications, Inc. 02/01/2010
Aggrieved employee Aaron's Inc.; Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership 02/03/2010
Aggrieved employee Janra Enterprises, Inc. 02/04/2010
A Former Cardinal Health 200, LLC c/o CSC - Lawyers Incorporating Service 02/19/2010
A Former Picture Perfect Installation, Inc. 03/11/2010
A Former Korea Express USA Inc. 03/17/2010
A Former LA Specialty Produce Co. c/o Michael Glick 04/02/2010
Former Employees MSI Inventory Service Corporation c/o CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service 04/08/2010
A Former Rally Management Services, LLC 04/14/2010
A Former EBS Healthcare, Inc. 05/25/2010
A Former Trans World Entertainment Corporation dba Suncoast, Sam Goody's 06/18/2010
A Former Dish Network Corporation; Echosphere, LLC; et al. 07/07/2010
A Former Bay Cities Recovery, Inc. dba DigitalDog Auto Recovery c/o Law Offices of Kevin 07/14/2010
A Former Global Development Strategies, Inc. dba America's Choice &/or Garage Door Servi 07/30/2010
A Former Open Mortgage, LLC 08/04/2010
A Former Janra Enterprises, Inc. c/o Littler Mendelson 08/30/2010
Former Employees Picture Perfect Installation, Inc.; Charter Communications, Inc.; Time Warner, 09/02/2010
Former Employees Picture Perfect Installation, Inc.; Time Warner Cable, LLC c/o CT Corporation S 09/08/2010
A Former GS Brothers, Inc. 09/09/2010
Former Employee Seneca Foods Corporation c/o Fred J. Baker 09/20/2010
A Former Crossmark, Inc.; CHI Management Group, LP c/o Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 10/05/2010
an aggrieved VXI Global Solutions (unable to forward) 10/07/2010
A Former Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate LLC; Mason-McDuffie Real Estate, Inc. c/o CS 10/22/2010
A Former Gentry Group, Inc. 11/03/2010
A Former R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company c/o CT Corporation System 11/09/2010
A Former Gamestop, Inc.; Gamestop Corp. c/o CT Corporation System 12/03/2010
Leon Edwards Trans World Entertainment Corporation dba Suncoast, Sam Goody's 12/21/2010
an aggrieved MetLife Home Loans; MetLife Bank N.A. 01/12/2011
A Former ADT Security Services, Inc. c/o CT Corporation System 01/20/2011
A Former Hotel Cleaning Services, Inc. 01/28/2011
Former Employees MetLife Home Loans; MetLife Bank N.A. 02/09/2011
A Former Blazin Wings, Inc. c/o CSC 02/22/2011
A Current Genesco, Inc. 05/13/2011
A Former Harvest Management Sub LLC dba Holiday Retirement c/o CT Corporation System 06/17/2011
A Former Pacific Mercantile Bank 06/24/2011
A Former CHI Management Group, LP; Crossmark, Inc. 06/28/2011
A Former Dish Network Corporation; Echosphere, LLC; et al. 07/25/2011
A Former Hat World, Inc.; et al. c/o CSC - Lawyer Incorporating Service 07/25/2011
A Former Bali Limousines Inc. 09/07/2011
Former Employees Transhumance Holding Company, Inc. dba Superior Farms 09/07/2011
A Former C.A.R. Enterprises, Inc. c/o Fred M. Whitaker, Esq. 10/05/2011
Current and BakeMark USA LLC 10/05/2011
current and Rhodes Retail Services, Inc. 10/06/2011
A Current Southern Wireless Lifestyle, Inc. c/o CT Corporation System 10/24/2011
Current and Senior Home Caregivers, Inc.; et al. 10/24/2011
A Former Polly's, Inc. 12/14/2011
A Former Don Roberto Jewelers, Inc. 01/05/2012
A Former Telecommunications Business Solutions 01/25/2012
A Former Newell Rubbermaid, Inc. c/o CSC - Lawyers Incorporating Service 01/26/2012
A Former RSM, Inc.; Pizza Guy Franchises, Inc. 02/06/2012
Former Employees Lemonade Restaurant Group, LLC 02/21/2012
A Former Wireless, That's It!, LLC 03/13/2012
An Aggrieved American Merchandising Specialists, Inc. 04/03/2012
A Former Remington Movers, LLC 04/17/2012
Former Employees Lemonade Restaurant Group, LLC 04/17/2012
A Former Carney Educational Services LLC 05/03/2012
A Former Mason Dixon Intermodal, Inc. 05/14/2012
A Former Fitguard, Inc. 05/14/2012
An Aggrieved Guardian Compliance, Inc.; et al. 05/14/2012
A Former Wind & Sea Restaurants, Inc. 08/14/2012
A Former Styles for Less, Inc. 08/27/2012
A Former Community Hospital of San Bernardino 08/27/2012
A Former Polly's, Inc. 08/27/2012
Former Employees Graves 7, Inc. dba Preferred Plumbing & Drain 08/27/2012
A Current Nursefinders, LLC c/o Denise L. Jackson 10/01/2012
Velasquez Modesto Ventures, LLC dba Charley's Grilled Subs 10/08/2012
A Former Independent Courier, Inc. 10/12/2012
A Current Rush Truck Centers of California, Inc. c/o Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 10/18/2012
A Former Pacific Decorative Concrete, Inc. 10/18/2012
An Aggrieved First Student Management LLC 11/02/2012
A Current First Student Management LLC 11/05/2012
A Former Prime Selection, Inc. 11/15/2012
A Former Sprint/United Management Company 11/15/2012
A Former United Staffing Associates, LLC; Maxco Supply, Inc. 11/26/2012
A Former Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC c/o National Registered Agents, Inc. 11/26/2012
A Former Asset Management Specialists, Inc 11/29/2012
A Current ALSCO, Inc. 11/30/2012
A Former Educational Services of America, Inc. 11/30/2012
A Current Alsco, Inc.; Steiner Corporation c/o CT Corporation System 12/20/2012
A Former Diamond Landscaping Inc. 12/20/2012
A Former Robertson's Ready Mix, Ltd. 01/23/2013
A Former Bluewater Plumbing & Fire Protection, Inc. 02/25/2013
A Former American Copak Corporation; et al. 02/25/2013
A Former Bluewater Plumbing & Fire Protection, Inc. 02/25/2013
A Current Foster Poultry Farms 03/06/2013
A Former Labor Ready Southwest, Inc. 03/08/2013
A Former King Security Services, Inc. 03/14/2013
A Current Braden Partners, LP dba Pacific Pulmonary Services 04/10/2013
A Former Windstream Communications, Inc. c/o CT Corporation System; et al. 04/11/2013
A Former Alorica, Inc. 04/11/2013
An Aggrieved Valley Protein, Inc. 04/11/2013
A Former Creative Communication Technologies of Arizona, Inc. 04/17/2013
Toshiba Johnson The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company c/o CSC 04/17/2013
An Aggrieved Valley Protein, LLC 04/30/2013
An Aggrieved Aviation Fuel Systems Repair, Inc. 04/30/2013
A Former Bayou Well Services, LLC 06/17/2013
A Former Shiekh Ellahi; Shiekh LLC 06/17/2013
A Former Wireless Evolution Inc. 06/17/2013
A Former Chase Care Center, Inc. 06/17/2013
A Former Prince Telecom of California, Inc.; Prince Telecom, LLC c/o CT Corporation Syst 06/17/2013
An Aggrieved Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC c/o National Registered Agents, Inc. 06/17/2013
A Former Bellus ALC Acquisition LLC; et al. dba American Laser Skincare 07/05/2013
A Former J & A Food Service, Inc. 07/05/2013
A Former SMSSI of California, Inc. c/o Bryan Murzynowski 07/05/2013
A former Nestle Dryer's Ice Cream Company 07/05/2013
A Former DC Business Group, Inc. 07/05/2013
A Former Shiekh Ellahi; Shiekh LLC 07/05/2013
An Aggrieved Campbell Soup Supply Company LLC 07/05/2013
A Former Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital 07/08/2013
A Former Truck Accessories Group, LLC 07/08/2013
A Former Nestle Dryer's Ice Cream Company 07/08/2013
A Former Wireless Evolution Inc. 07/08/2013
A Former Core-Mark International Inc. c/o National Registered Agents, Inc. 07/08/2013
A Former DC Business Group, Inc. 07/08/2013
A Former Educational Services of America, Inc. 07/08/2013
An Aggrieved G & O Body Shop, Inc.; et al. 07/08/2013
A Former Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC 08/06/2013
An Aggrieved Rush Truck Centers of California, Inc. c/o Capitol Corporate Services, Inc. 08/06/2013
A Former Ingram Micro, Inc. 08/12/2013
A Former Econtactlive, Inc. 08/12/2013
A former Central Valley Engineering & Asphalt, Inc. 08/12/2013
A Former JobSpecs, Inc. 08/30/2013
An Aggrieved CS, Inc.; KDS Marketing 09/16/2013
A Former Tag-3 Medical Investment Group, LLC 01/07/2014
Debra Schottgen RPM Mortgage, Inc. 01/08/2014
Jaime Torres South East Employee Leasing Services, Inc.; Coastal Employment, Inc. 01/14/2014
Richard Gillies Schaefer Ambulance Service, Inc. 01/14/2014
An Aggrieved Sally Beauty Supply LLC 01/15/2014
A Former RBD Staffing, Inc. c/o National Registered Agents 01/16/2014
Gary Diggs Western Waterproofing Company, Inc. 01/16/2014
Timothy James PGW Auto Glass, LLC c/o CSC - Lawyers Incorporating Service 01/16/2014
An Aggrieved Intellisource, LLC; Crocs, Inc. 01/17/2014
An Aggrieved Intellisource, LLC; Crocs, Inc. 01/22/2014
An Aggrieved G & O Body Shop, Inc.; et al. 01/22/2014
An Aggrieved Intellisource, LLC; Crocs, Inc. 01/28/2014
Arthur Gutierrez LinkUs Enterprises, Inc. 01/29/2014
Karen Niehaus CLC Incorporated 02/14/2014
A Former Staffmark; Staffmark Holdings, Inc. 02/18/2014
An Aggrieved Michael C. Stead, Inc. 02/18/2014
Blaise Alonso Camblin Steel Service, Inc. 02/18/2014
Enrique Mendiola Tyco Electronics Corp 02/18/2014
Nelida Robles North County Health Project, Inc. 02/18/2014
Raymond Adams Sam's West Inc 02/19/2014
Donald Myles Central Transport LLC 03/04/2014
Desiree Taylor HOF, Inc. 03/06/2014
A Former Shiekh Ellahi; Shiekh LLC 03/27/2014
A Former 04/08/2014
A Former Retail Integrity Merchandising Solutions, Inc 04/08/2014
Guadalupe Romo Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.c/o CT Corporation 04/12/2014
Rodolfo Corona Yosemite Meat & Locker Service Inc (unable to forward) 04/12/2014
A Former FGX International, Inc 04/17/2014
Eric Bourland Horizon Personnel Services, Inc. 04/17/2014
Kiara Solorzano FDS Manufacturing Company 04/17/2014
Carlos Lopez Creative Communication Technologies, Inc. 05/15/2014
Tita Rodas Monetary Management of California, Inc. 05/15/2014
A Former Sedgwick Management c/o CT Corporation System 05/19/2014
A Former Parker-Anderson Learning Center, LLC 06/03/2014
Brandon Reynolds Diamond Pet Food Processors of California, LLC 06/03/2014
A Former Universal Auto Group 06/20/2014
A Former The Industrial Labor Management Group, Inc 06/25/2014
Former Employee Robin's Enviro Vac, Inc. 06/26/2014
A Former Garden Communities et al 07/16/2014
A Former ARBM, Inc. 07/16/2014
A Former Applied Aerospace Structures, Corp. 07/16/2014
Former Employee Action Zipline, Inc. 07/21/2014
Leticia Rodriguez Bio-Medical Application of Fresno, Inc. 07/22/2014
Jason Hogan iMobile of California, LLC 07/31/2014
Geoff Simmons Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. 08/01/2014
A Former Sedgwick Management c/o CT Corporation System 08/05/2014
Former Employee Garden Communities et al 08/06/2014
Shayla Moore Hosopo Corporation, A Delaware Corporation 08/06/2014
Gonzalo Carrette Gamestop, Inc. 08/07/2014
John Doe Bodycote Thermal Processing, Inc. 08/07/2014
Nelida Robles Norrth County Health Project Incorporated 09/09/2014
John Doe EAH Inc. 09/15/2014
John Doe Volt Management Corp. 09/15/2014
John Doe Restoration Hardware, Inc. 10/06/2014
Jason Hogan GS Mobile, Inc. 10/13/2014
Somboun Thakhambo Outsource, LLC 10/13/2014
Aggrieved current Tortilla Republic Group, LLC 10/22/2014
Aggrieved employee City of Industry Hospitality Venture 10/22/2014
Daniel Jacques Banc of California Holding Company 10/30/2014
Ralph De Santiago O.C. Communications 12/01/2014
Michael Martinez DPI Specialty Foods West, Inc. 12/03/2014
David Wills Express Services, Inc. 12/22/2014
Tyrhonda Hunt Xerox State Healthcare, LLC 12/24/2014
An Aggrieved Bank of Santa Clarita 01/19/2015
Aggrieved employee Dent Wizard International Corporation 01/22/2015
Aggrieved former Mike Thompson Recreational Vehicles 01/22/2015
Chau Minh Redlands Automotive Services, Inc. 01/22/2015
Khacho Enterprises, Inc. c/o Esam Khacho 01/29/2015
Margarita Muradova oBand, Inc. 02/05/2015
Anthony Jimenez Upland Security, Inc. 02/09/2015
An Aggrieved The Image of California, Inc. 02/13/2015
Innovative Maintenance Solutions, Inc. 02/19/2015
Jeremias Aguirre Clark Pacific Corporation 03/04/2015
Jeremias Aguirre Clark Pacific Corporation 03/04/2015
Former employee Sunny Days of California, Inc. 03/25/2015
An Aggrieved Ralphs Grocery Co.; Kroger Company 04/01/2015
Johns Walls E & J. Gallo Winery 04/17/2015
John Doe Southern California Fitness Service, Inc. 04/30/2015
John Doe Taltech Construction, Inc. 05/04/2015
Edgar Enriquez Arturo's Cocina, Inc. 05/13/2015
John Doe Mobilution, Inc. 05/26/2015
John Doe Schuff Steel Company 05/26/2015
John Doe Galasso's Bakery 06/26/2015
Current CA Janney & Janney Attorney Service, Inc. 06/26/2015
Johnathan Corbett Township Retail Services, Inc. 07/03/2015
Matt Carvalho Fiji Way Ventures 07/13/2015
Lenard Allen Ciera Staffing, LLC 07/15/2015
Trevor Friel Midwest Construction Services, Inc. 07/23/2015
even s gaines donald storer 07/27/2015
John Doe Storer Transportation Service 08/03/2015
Juan Gaxiola Turner Security Systems, Inc. 08/05/2015
Regina Brockman Winco Holdings, Inc. 08/05/2015
Ejinio Carrillo Bimbo Bakeries, Inc. 08/13/2015
Ernesto Contreras Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. 08/17/2015
Trevor Friel Midwest Construction Services, Inc. 08/21/2015
Lee Cheifer Motorcars West, LLC 08/21/2015
Ahmed Habib Executive Event Services, LLC 08/24/2015
John Doe Prestige Payment System 08/24/2015
Benjamin Garcia SWS Panel and Truss, Inc. 08/26/2015
Tatiana Crisan Nelson & Kennard 09/22/2015
Omar Lemus Lab Support LLC 09/25/2015
Jesus Sencion Newhall Temporary Staffing Services LLC 09/25/2015
Jazmin Dabney Panera, LLC 09/25/2015
Jackie Thompson Sidhu Truck Line 09/28/2015
Richard Binney Regal Cinemas, Inc. 09/29/2015
Jocelyn Centenera WSM Investment, LLC dba Topco Sales 10/13/2015
Omar Lemus Lab Support, LLC 10/14/2015
Amy Furiosi Sente Group, Inc. 12/01/2015
Michael Marinucci Smart Utility Systems LLC 12/10/2015
Patricia Colombo-Beyeler Viking River Cruises, Inc. 12/10/2015
Gabriel Rodriguez Fischer Mold Incorporated 12/23/2015
John Rees Advantel, Incorporated 12/23/2015
John G. Service Champions, Inc. 01/07/2016
Lorena Alfaro Mendo Lake Credit Union 01/07/2016
Chris Roach BBMC Mortgage, LLC 01/14/2016
Gabriel Romero Lineage Logistics, LLC 01/14/2016
GABRIEL ROMERO Lineage Logistics 01/14/2016
Luis Cisneros De La Torre Landscape Solutions, Corp. 01/14/2016
obadiah lewis echelon security, inc. 01/19/2016
paula west rohr, inc. 01/19/2016
colton tripp California Guest Services, inc. 01/28/2016
kenneth brown terracorp financial, inc. 01/28/2016
loreen owens Viking River Cruises, Inc. 01/29/2016
Terri Worthy The Sherman Group, Inc. 02/02/2016
Former Employee Readylink, Inc. 02/03/2016
Randall Lyons Natura Pest Control 02/03/2016
Rudy Flores Open Door Marketing, LLC 02/04/2016
John Schaffner Steward Title of Sacramento 02/05/2016
Samuel Bowen IMI Material Handling Logistics Inc. 02/05/2016
chris roach BBMC mortgage, LLC 02/15/2016
Sandra Estrada OS Restaurant Services, LLC 02/16/2016
veata betton ham delite-culver city, inc. 02/22/2016
mark makowiecki Pacific Gas and Electric Company 02/24/2016
michael woody wbn home design, inc. 02/24/2016
Christopher Palmerin StoragePro, Inc. 03/07/2016
Gabriel Romero Lineage Logistics, LLC 03/07/2016
Stephen Quist Knight Transportation, Inc. 03/07/2016
Jose Hernandez Miller Milling Company, LLC 03/09/2016
Michael Williams Dennis Dillon RV, LLC 03/15/2016
Chris Roach BBMC Mortgage, LLC 03/15/2016
Scott Richardson TEC Equipment, Inc. 03/29/2016
Michael Brown Discount Glass & Mirror, Inc. 03/30/2016
Fabian Covarrubias, Christian Pena, Reynaldo Bajo Islas PetersenDean Builder Group, Inc. 04/07/2016
JAMES LINCOLN Allied Universal 04/11/2016
Amy Furiosi Sente Group, Inc. 04/13/2016
STAR-LEE LOWNDES Regis Corporation 05/03/2016
Darius Crisan Monument Security, Inc. 05/10/2016
Norman Esakhami Central Valley Gaming LLC 05/12/2016
Mayo McGriff URS Midwest Inc 05/18/2016
Marco Espinoza and Micah Montes Pabco Building Products LLC 05/23/2016
Janathan Johnson Local Klout, LLC 05/25/2016
Vicente Canales Bushnell Landscape Industries, Inc. 07/18/2016
Raymond Ybarra New Legend, Inc. 08/02/2016
Whitney Conner Frisky Rhythm LLC and Dive Bar LLC 08/03/2016
Whitney Conner Frisky Rhythm, LLC and Dive Bar, LLC 08/03/2016
Scott Richardson TEC of California, Inc. 08/05/2016
Nytasia Calip Ciox Health, LLC 08/18/2016
Teresa Kinsinger Canoga Park Bowl, LLC 08/18/2016
Fernando Godinez Orly International, Inc 08/25/2016
Teariya Cunningham Performance Contracting Inc. 08/29/2016
Julian Santana River Island Fresh Cold Storage, Inc. 09/06/2016
Maurilio Alejandro Kaweah Container, Inc. 09/07/2016
Albert Moreno Sysco San Francisco, Inc. 09/08/2016
Lee Cheifer WHGM, Inc. 09/08/2016
Elan Haim Nick Alexander Imports 09/09/2016
Jennifer Hawkins Reliable Staffing Corporation 09/09/2016
Dennis Holmes Bottling Group, LLC 09/15/2016
Dennis Holmes Bottling Group, LLC 09/15/2016
Michael Hawkins, Corey Calhoun, Kenneth Bolden, Joseph Smith, Birda Thomas, Agapito Velasco, Angel Calvillo Celadon Trucking Services, Inc. 09/15/2016
Corey Williams Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, Inc., Team Campbell Logistics Pacific, LLC, Team 09/22/2016
Larry Shumpert Patmon Company, Inc. 09/22/2016
Peter Miraglia The ICEE Company 09/22/2016
Charnita Matthews and Jerry Porter CPES California, Inc. 09/26/2016
Lilia Maldonado Hardwood Flooring Liquidators 09/26/2016
Tina Caldwell Fresh Up, Inc. 09/27/2016
Michael Perez Medina's Protective Services 09/28/2016
Daniel Owens Security Risk Management, Inc. 09/30/2016
Johnny Chavez Shaw Industries, Inc. 10/05/2016
Eduardo Solano Vozzcom, Inc. 10/06/2016
Michelle Wing Three Group, Inc. 10/07/2016
Justin Norwalt Perkins & Marie Callender's LLC et al 10/26/2016
Keith Hank Desert Restaurant Ventures, LLC 10/26/2016
Sandra Castro Burlington Coat Factory of San Bernardino, LLC 11/04/2016
Patricia Hamby Valley Children's Medical Group 11/07/2016
Jasmine Vazquez Storer Transportation Service 12/02/2016
Michael Brazil Ehealthinsurance Services, Inc. 12/02/2016
Tracy Gorman Seymour Quest Service Group, LLC 12/02/2016
Ramon Lozano Silva Trical, Inc. 12/07/2016
Daniel Chavez Front Porch Communities and Services 12/29/2016
Jose Gaytan Roly's Trucking Inc. 01/04/2017
Gabriel Rodriguez 20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 01/09/2017
MOHAMMAD SADEGHI Access Imaging, LLC 01/09/2017
Emmanuel Adjei West Coast Staffing Solutions, LLC 01/10/2017
Jose Cruz John Lambirth Trucking, Inc. 01/13/2017
Naitte Jordan Sutter Central Valley Hospitals 01/17/2017
Jonathan Rodriguez Commerce Distribution Company LLC 01/24/2017
David Lee Marks Palladio Cinemas, LLC 01/25/2017
Monica Quinones Interstate-Rim Management Company, LLC 02/02/2017
Alisha Luna Express Locations, LLC 02/07/2017
JONATHAN GRAHAM Diverging Approach Incorporated 02/08/2017
JESUS COMPEAN D&L Pizza, Inc. 02/16/2017
Jonathan Primero Love Sushi USA, Inc. 02/23/2017
Jon Fadhl Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc. and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics 02/24/2017
James Perez Major Gloves and Safety, Inc. 03/03/2017
Mitzi Terrell Sonic Automotive, Inc. and/or Long Beach BMW MINI 03/06/2017
Juan Corea Adventure Investments Tahoe, LLC 03/08/2017
Matthew Stirtz John L. Sullivan Investments, Inc. 03/09/2017
Ronald Ruiz Premier CC, Inc. 03/14/2017
Cindy Mayne John Muir Health & John Muir Behavioral Health 03/23/2017
Gohar Ghorchian Parallon Enterprises, LLC and West Hills Hospital 03/27/2017
Jonathan Leon and Carlos Sosa Piercey West, Inc. 04/04/2017
Melissa Castillo Robbins Bros. Jewelry, Inc. 04/06/2017
Henry Herrera King's Hawaiian Bakery West, Inc. and King's Hawaiian Holding Company, Inc. 04/07/2017
Jesus Hernandez The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, LLC 04/07/2017
Cameron Sebrell Pomeroy IT Solutions Company, Inc. 04/12/2017
Kelvin Smith Lennox Industries, Inc. 04/18/2017
Martin Sohal Foster Poultry Farms 04/18/2017
Cynthia Adame Continental Currency Services, Inc. 04/19/2017
Ivan Montejano Volkswagen Santa Monica, LLC 04/28/2017
Raymond Noska and Donnecia Bowens Califia Farms, LLC 05/02/2017
Paul Hernandez S3 Sanitation Cleaning, LLC 05/04/2017
ROBERT ARANDA, CARLOS SALDANA Universal Lumpers of California, Inc. 05/16/2017
Felicia Harper Ashria, LLC 05/23/2017
Candace Stevens Farmer Boys Food, Inc. & Empire Foods, Inc. 05/24/2017
Jessica Douglas Buca Restaurants 2, Inc. 05/24/2017
Roy Richard A-Para Transit Corp. 05/24/2017
Lacey Bayer Jackalope, LLC 05/26/2017
Chandler Bender Les Schwab Tire Centers of California, Inc. et al. 06/21/2017
Amy Woods, Joshua Frost & Jordan Knowles F&B Innovations, LLC & Ace Events, LLC 06/23/2017
Alvin Carlisle Professional Technical Security Services, Inc. 06/28/2017
LANNIE ARCHULETA Van-G Trrucking, Inc. 07/03/2017
Joseph Shopp CMF Group, Inc. 07/18/2017
Latesha Howard Riverside Transit Agency 07/19/2017
Edgar Sanchez SOS Security LP 07/26/2017
Priscilla Vargas Come Land Maintenance Service Co., Inc. 07/26/2017
Ignacio Leyva Saddle Creek Corporation 08/09/2017
Robert Negron Pama Management, Inc. & I E Rental Homes, Inc. 08/09/2017
Lanisha Morris Desert Caesars Empire, Inc. 08/10/2017
Irene Sosa The Endoscopy Center of Santa Maria, Inc. 08/11/2017
Ryea Simpson Denco Enterprises, Inc. 08/15/2017
Corene Stayner J & I Pizza, Inc. 08/18/2017
Sally Moghrabi Vitaligent Services, LLC 08/23/2017
Donna LaFear Encore Education Corporation 08/30/2017
Christopher Brohard Medline Industries, Inc. 09/07/2017
Daniel Lange Central Valley Diner, Inc. 09/12/2017
Korri Torres Walgreen Pharmacy Services Midwest, LLC 09/13/2017
Steve Salbeck Ingredion Incorporated 09/15/2017
Zahra Daryaee Flynn Family Office, LLC 09/15/2017
Sonia Martinez Seneca Foods Corporation 09/19/2017
Fernando Rios Progressive Transportation Services, LLC 09/20/2017
Lenisha Williams Denny's, Inc. 09/21/2017
Andrea Sanders Lionakis 09/26/2017
Sombourn Thakhamho outsource LLC 09/27/2017
Daniel Hindman Service Quick, Inc. 09/27/2017
RAVINDERJIT SINGH Universal Intermodal Services, Inc. 10/12/2017
Chau Tran CSP Fiber Services 10/17/2017
Cindy Zeno Apple American Group, LLC, Apple Norcal LLC 10/19/2017
Jacob Sanchez Catalina Restaurant Group Inc. 10/20/2017
Jaime Alvarez Pilot Travel Centers LLC 10/24/2017
Walter Smith Steelcase, Inc. 10/24/2017
Weston Bucolo Nordstrom, Inc. 10/26/2017
Ronald Bliven DBI Beverage Sacramento 10/31/2017
Michael Nixon and Joseph Olivarez R.A Gibson Enterprises 11/22/2017
Edgar Navarro and Jiovanni Jimenez Monarch Pro Electrical & Maintenance Services 11/29/2017
Opal Patterson Providence Group, Inc. 11/30/2017
Eduardo Bautista G Stage Inc. 12/08/2017
Sivi Hoel Crown Dodge 12/08/2017
Mara Gomez and Lawrence Lopez Pinnacle Workforce Logistics, L.L.C. 12/12/2017
Ciara Allen Toms Sierra Company, Inc. 12/13/2017
Nellie Caudillo Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC 12/21/2017
Michael Marinucci Mobile Programming LLC 12/26/2017
David Goldman, Matthew John Swearingen Defenders, Inc. 01/23/2018
Jeremias Zavaleta Alaska Airlines, Inc. 01/31/2018
Juan Melchor Zurn Industries, Inc. 01/31/2018
Sterling Dyer NH Services LLC 01/31/2018
Mohammed Khan Chevron U.S.A., Inc. 02/07/2018
Seanna Estes Soper-Wheeler Co 02/08/2018
Cheryl Tellerino Hudsloan Enterprises, Inc. 02/15/2018
Erik Zavala St. Vincent De Paul Village, Inc. 02/26/2018
Henry Mojica Battery Power, Inc. 02/27/2018
Ray Wilkerson Provident Credit Union 03/06/2018
David Chong and Jason Gill Crescent Northwoods Inn, Inc. 03/12/2018
Larry Kauy Trinity Westcom, Inc. 03/16/2018
Timothy McCrary Suds Car Wash, Inc. 03/19/2018
Clara Williamson Fresno Surgery Center, L.P. 03/21/2018
Luis Giron Douglas D. De Hart, Inc. 03/27/2018
Adrian Ascencio LCF Labs, Inc. 04/04/2018
JAZMIN DABNEY Coneybeare, LLC 04/04/2018
Diana Garcia Southern California Orthopedic Institute, L.P. 04/10/2018
Kreg Hawkins Central Valley Ag. Transport, Inc. 04/11/2018
Rolan Camins Orkin, LLC and Rollins, Inc. 04/13/2018
Richard Macias American Tire Distributors, Inc., a Delaware Corporation 04/24/2018
Jonathan Henderson Heavenly Valley 04/26/2018
Shrief Ibrihim Imperfect Foods, Inc. 05/04/2018
Marcus Summerville Menzies Aviation (USA) Inc. 05/08/2018
Christopher Hughes Svenhard's Swedish Bakery 05/10/2018
Mario Lacuesta Raising Caine's USA, L.L.C. 05/15/2018
Gina Armendariz Integrated Pain Management Medical Group, Inc. 05/17/2018
David Watkins Double D Transportation Co. 05/21/2018
Josue Molina Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company 05/21/2018
Jeremy Rambeau C.C.M. 05/24/2018
Gustavo Vega Philips Lighting North America Corporation 05/29/2018
Enrique Gutierrez U.S. Precision Sheet Metal, Inc. 06/05/2018
Isidro Cervantes DH San Diego Management LLC 06/07/2018
Justin Johnson DT Fund II Group, Inc. 06/07/2018
Sugania Sivapalan Silver Crown Home Care, LLC 06/07/2018
Romina Enriquez Alaska Airlines, Inc. 06/11/2018
Bradley La Verne The Silver F, Inc. 06/13/2018
Alfreda Porter AW Management, LLC 06/14/2018
Linda Ellis South Bay Workforce Investment Board, Inc. 06/19/2018
Roney Faber Roadex Cy, Inc. 06/26/2018
Dominique Rankins Roman Empire Living Skills, Inc. 07/09/2018
Jacob Fasciano, Sophia Gomez Pie Venture LLC 07/18/2018
Toby Lanzarin D & D Cabinets - Savage Designs, Inc. 07/19/2018
Daniel Espinoza, Lynn De Leon Pacifica Riverside SL LP et al. 07/20/2018
Angelica Griffey & Trenae Jackson TA Operating, LLC 07/31/2018
Paula Brown Sierra Central Credit Union 07/31/2018
Amber Heym Jazzy Foods, Inc. 08/07/2018
Darryl Hadley California Logistics Inc., d/b/a Diligent Delivery Systems 08/07/2018
John McNeal PJCA-1, LP et al. 08/08/2018
Ricardo Garza Hayward Industries, Inc. 08/14/2018
Bernardo Torres ARC - Imperial Valley 08/16/2018
Michael Lepore Il Fornaio (America) Corporation 08/16/2018
Randy Kunsman Punch Bowl Social Sacramento, LLC et al. 08/16/2018
Ricardo Guerrero Main Electric Supply Company LLC 08/16/2018
Shawanda Scott, Inc. 08/24/2018
Erica Tellier El Dorado Enterprises, Inc. 08/27/2018
Doris Sanchez Hernandez The Carlstar Group, LLC 08/28/2018
Valentina Washington Reyes Secure Transportation Company, Inc. 08/28/2018
Cristian Perez CEVA Freight, LLC and Randstad US, LLC 09/11/2018
David Hernandez SMP Construction & Maintenance, Inc. 09/11/2018
Jose Silva Porter Rents, LLC 09/11/2018
Steva Briney Social Sampling Inc. 09/12/2018
Malcolm Wilson Thrive Market Technologies, Inc. 09/13/2018
Ruben Limpias Sierra Foods, Inc. & Reem Petroleum 09/13/2018
Anthony Castaneda & Omar Lemus Med-Pharmex, Inc. 09/17/2018
Isaiah Williams JCPenney Logistics, Inc. and JCP Logistics, Inc. 09/20/2018
Gildardo Garcia Mobis Parts America, LLC 09/25/2018
Eduardo Chavez Crown Dodge 09/27/2018
Gilardo Garcia Avenal Community Health Center 10/09/2018
Victoria Gonzalez Avenal Community Health Center 10/09/2018
Marcos Servellon Flying Food Group, LLC 10/10/2018
Andee Marie Meza-Morales Burlington Coat Factory of Texas, Inc. 10/17/2018
Brett Castro Kaizen Resources, Inc. 10/17/2018
Antonio Garcia Door Components, Inc. 10/19/2018
Maceo Waquia and Mimi Green JAMV, Inc. 10/22/2018
Irene Burgess Connections Education LLC et al. 11/02/2018
Anthony Nicoll Cappo Management XXXI, Inc. 11/15/2018
James Jasso & Morgan Unimake NAKC, Inc. 11/16/2018
Andrea Wade New Discovery Residential Services, Inc. 11/28/2018
Juan Real Juan Real 11/28/2018
Edward Findora Barry Callebaut USA LLC 11/28/2018
Edna Hairston Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, LLC 11/28/2018
Bernard Wallace Summit Pizza West, LLC 12/18/2018
Sherrie Booth Salon PS California LLC 12/18/2018
Robert Taitt First Coast Security Services, Inc. 12/26/2018
Walter Euceda Bee Sweet Citrus, Inc. 12/26/2018
Yaraset Plascencia Guevara Platt Security, Incorporated 12/28/2018
Ramon Gonzales Hotel Managers Group LLC 01/09/2019
Nina Winslow Nationwide Guard Services, Inc. 01/15/2019
Charles Scaff Santa Catalina Island Company 01/23/2019
Andres Garcia Union City Hotel Management Corporation 01/23/2019
Danielle Berrie Allied American Protection LLC 01/24/2019
Mikaela Gibson Starz 01/28/2019
Fadi Salameh Sonomaidence OPCO, LLC 01/29/2019
Jazmin Dabney Lyneer Staffing Solutions, LLC 01/29/2019
Michael Higgenbotham & Enrique Cortez Camden Security Services 01/30/2019
Rashad Muhammad National Railroad Passenger, Corporation 01/31/2019
Jayson Baker Neftin Cars, Inc. 02/08/2019
James Sison Beverly Community Hospital Association 02/08/2019
Jorge Gonzalez Southern California Egg Cooperative, Inc. 02/08/2019
Peter Flores Caremore Health Plan 02/11/2019
Lynne Sisneroz La Terra Fina USA, LLC 02/14/2019
Shane Smith Unified Protective Service, Inc. 02/18/2019
Mario Flores Iron Wall Security 02/18/2019
Yesenia Santillan-Bramasco Calpac Pizza II, LLC 02/18/2019
Vanetta Young Paradise Oaks Youth Services 02/18/2019
Monique Galindo Holz Rubber Company, Inc. 02/20/2019
Paul Duran OTO Development, LLC 03/01/2019
Beatrice Callahan High Country Lumber, Inc. 03/06/2019
Ramona Araujo The Earlwood LLC 03/15/2019
Mayra Alvizo Randstad General Partner (US) LLC 03/15/2019
Gabriel Ramos Adams Rite Aerospace, Inc. 03/18/2019
Roxanne Hawkins C & H 1718 Inc. dba IHOP 1718 03/18/2019
Sophia Gomez Temecula PPF LLC 03/18/2019
Shannon Hussey Cole Vocational Services 03/21/2019
Valentina Reyes Sky Chefs, Inc. 03/25/2019
Ivan Mendez Curo Management LLC 03/25/2019
Oswaldo Gomez-Zepeda American Auto Works, LLC 03/27/2019
Desiree Vega Heritage Hotel Group, Inc. 03/28/2019
Terri Martinez Community Recovery Resources 04/05/2019
Robert Adams Compass One, LLC 04/11/2019
Stacey Dodson Greater Bay Protective Services, Inc. 04/15/2019
Jesus Gomez Superior Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing, Inc. 04/17/2019
Felipe Caamal Varquez Smith Ranch Homes Homeowners' Association dba Smith Ranch Homes 04/25/2019
Trishauna Clarke Davita Medical Management, LLC 04/26/2019
Vicki Gloria Epic Management, L.P. 04/30/2019
Manuel Nolasco Singer Vehicle Design 05/01/2019
Adan Mota Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc. 05/14/2019
Brian Hall Creative Designs Interiors, Inc. 06/13/2019
Andre Clark Daley's Drywall and Taping, Inc. 06/13/2019
Jose Morales J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. 06/17/2019
Mark Lee Moon Valley Nursery of California, Inc. 06/17/2019
Christopher Henry New Advances for People with Disabilities 06/19/2019
Francisco Cedillo GGSI, Inc. 06/19/2019
Carrie Harris Walnut Brewery, Inc. d/b/a Rock Bottom Brewery 06/24/2019
Peter Cornejo, Veronica Perez-Brown Civic Tax Relief, Inc. 06/28/2019
Enrique Pena City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks 07/08/2019
Kimberly Burgueno City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks 07/08/2019
Crystal Shugars GPN Enterprises, Inc. 07/10/2019
Donald Drake Compass Airlines, LLC 07/18/2019
Paulo Vatuvei Black Bear Security 07/18/2019
Joshua Zimmerman Commercial Foodservice Repair, Inc. 07/19/2019
Daniel Orosco Avnish, LLC 07/24/2019
Stephanie Amaya Mark's Mex., Inc. 08/01/2019
Jonathan Nava Pacific Forge, Inc. 08/06/2019
Victor Vazquez American Professional Ambulance Corporation 08/06/2019
Terry Hiatt TNH Motors, Inc. 08/14/2019
Patricia Pangelinan Farmers Insurance Company, Inc. 08/19/2019
Erwin Nutt Murphy, McKay & Associates, Inc. 08/20/2019
Daniel Hansen RG Environmental Holdings, Inc. 08/27/2019
Cher Lee Faacks StoragePro, Inc. 09/13/2019
Edward Farr Primetime Protection Services, LLC 09/16/2019
Darryl Thrower Global Vision Security, Inc. 09/25/2019
Christopher Sanchez Sood Enterprises, Inc. 09/27/2019
Mathew Keys Athas Capital Group, Inc. 09/27/2019
Brian Bouyea Windsor Capital Group, Inc. 09/27/2019
Kevin Smith Hylton Security Inc. 09/27/2019
Masood Khan Allied Nationwide Security, Inc. 10/03/2019
Jessica Lopez City Wide Protection Services Inc. 10/04/2019
Jonathan Thomas Phoenix House Orange County, Inc. 10/04/2019
Patrick Beals Greenberry Industrial, LLC 10/07/2019
Alex Smith DAvaco, LP 10/07/2019
Steven Romo, Shannon Dickinson Durham D&M LLC 10/14/2019
Tiffany Lucero LF Staffing Services, Inc. 10/16/2019
Norman Wilkins Mindlance, Inc. 10/17/2019
Marty Linebarger Graphic Packaging International, Inc. 10/17/2019
Ngozi Ovili-Ossai AMN Services, LLC 10/21/2019
Jenice Dorsey Guardian Storage Centers, LLC 10/23/2019
Samuel Wilson Nationwide Electrical Contractors Corpo. 10/23/2019
David Portee John Boyd Enterprises, Inc. 10/23/2019
Phuoc Truong Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company 10/31/2019
Maria Migliore Prime Healthcare Centinela, LLC 11/04/2019
Kevin Caston Adame Logistics, Inc. 11/12/2019
Aubrey Scherer Bridge Property Management Company 11/12/2019
Nicolle Reeder Raiders Football Club, LLC 11/15/2019
Dayvon Sinclair, Michael Rocha, Felipe Navarette Delta Scientific Corporation 11/18/2019
David Flores 2 Event Management Solutions, Inc. 11/19/2019
Juan Solano OPM Services, LLC 11/25/2019
Pierre Jackson Comerica Management Co Inc. 11/25/2019
Jesse Rosales Chino Auto Center, LLC 12/02/2019
Leonel Herrera-Coria DSC Logistics, LLC 12/02/2019
Nedine Scott McAlister Institute of Treatment & Education, Inc. 12/18/2019
Jesus Gustavo Guardiola Perry Automotive Group, Inc. 12/30/2019
Melinda Rodriguez Populus Financial Group, Inc. 01/13/2020
Byron Higuera International Bonded Couriers, Inc. 01/27/2020
Teresa Alexander Career Systems Development Corporation 01/28/2020
Brandi Pimentel Westmont Living, Inc. 01/28/2020
Cindy Zeno Syufy Enterprises 02/04/2020
Carlos Carrillo Kirby Oldsmobile 02/05/2020
Carlos Araujo Gearys Beverly Hills 02/18/2020
Aaron Paul, Rebekah Joiner The Riva Partners, A California Limited Partnership 02/24/2020
Corey Jones DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLC 02/27/2020
Emily Hatton Premium Life Care, Inc. 02/27/2020
Alfredo Alvarez Davalan Sales, Inc. 03/05/2020
Cystal Aldana Beauty Systems Group LLC 03/09/2020
Marcus Weldon All Ways Transport, Inc. 03/18/2020
Cristina Dennis Parker Palm Springs, LLC 03/23/2020
Tarik Bob Compass California, Inc. 03/25/2020
Elena Punty Hoskin & Muir, Inc. 03/25/2020
Vanessa White E.M. Pizza, Inc. 03/27/2020
Maria Gomez Harbor Foods #3, Inc. 04/03/2020
Lolita Galvin Employer Solutions Staffing Group II, LLC 04/06/2020
Amir Santiago Figueroa Mountain Brewing, LLC 04/06/2020
Edna Hernandez Pico-Union Housing Corporation 04/08/2020
Tony Ramos US Air Conditioning Distributors, LLC 04/08/2020
George Padilla Smith Chevrolet Co., Inc. 04/10/2020
Leonard Pascua Legend Home Health, Inc. 04/10/2020
Melinda Leon SC Retail, LLC 04/22/2020
Cindy Reyna Ames Construction, Inc. 04/22/2020
Sal Rojas The Precision Coil Spring Company 04/24/2020
David Centeno First Financial Credit Union 04/29/2020
Lee Cheifer Community Chevrolet Company 05/20/2020
Latoya Ingram 6450 Motors, LLC 05/20/2020
Rita Navarro Tire Staffing dba It's Caliber 05/29/2020
Nelson Gonzalez G.A.T. Airline Ground Support, Inc. 06/10/2020
Hector Vieyra Spearman Clubs, Inc. 06/11/2020
Ophelia Ou Gemalto Cogent, Inc. 06/23/2020
Joann Torres Frick Paper Company LLC 07/07/2020
J'Quan Jarrell Podshare for Social Good 07/07/2020
Bryan Cioffi PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. 07/13/2020
Angela Steelman 3515 Houston Hospitality LLC 07/14/2020
Maria De La Paloma Vargas Friends of South Central Los Angeles Regional Center for the Developmentally 07/21/2020
Robert Lawson Graphic Packaging International, Inc. 07/22/2020
Kelsey Jones, Zoe Munoz, Cori Bratby-Rudd Peace Over Violence 07/24/2020
David Angeles Waste Resources, Inc. 07/31/2020
Wayne Osborne Fremouw Environmental Services, Inc. 08/12/2020
Duyen Le Responsible Metal Fab., Inc. 08/20/2020
Alshaya Banks Casino 580, LLC 08/24/2020
Veronica Esquivel Zinc Cafe & Market, Inc. 09/01/2020
Pamela Williams Stonemor California, Inc. 09/11/2020
Rosie Shramek Marble USA, Inc. 09/11/2020
Jonathan Martinez Del Rio Care LLC dba Cloisters of the Valley Assisted Living 09/15/2020
Amanda Fowler Loomis Basin Equie Medical Center, Inc. 09/15/2020
Devendra Prasad Cyxtera Technologies, Inc. 09/15/2020
Amjad Shedadeh, Inc. 09/17/2020
Juan Andrade Will Tiesiera Ford, Inc. 09/17/2020
Maria Acosta Mendoza Mas Management Services, LLC 09/21/2020
Yvonne Welch First Light Resorts LLC 09/22/2020
Kathy Bowles RGMPS, Inc. 10/05/2020
Yesenia Aguayo All Valley Washer Service, Inc. 10/20/2020
Breanna Webster Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union 10/20/2020
Krista Robles Central Innovations, LLC 11/03/2020
Elsa Castellanos AMPLA Health 11/05/2020
Edwin Blanco AKDY Imports, LLC 11/05/2020
Santiago Nunez Canoga Topanga DH LP 11/10/2020
Jeffrey Kennedy Union Pacific Railroad Company 11/10/2020
Delia Puntamilla Dycora Transitional Health - San Jose, LLC 11/10/2020
Nicole Auceda Granada Hills Convalescent Hospital, Inc. 11/16/2020
Shavella Crawford Five Star Management 11/18/2020
Ryan Cherry NewBasis West LLC 11/23/2020
Jason McLelland Cummings Vacuum Service, Inc. 11/23/2020
Maria Capetillo Love Those Wings, Inc. 12/04/2020
Renee Lopez Covenant Living West 12/08/2020
Milad Razani BG-IC, LLC 12/10/2020
Jordynn Terry Physicians??????? Surgery Center of Modesto, Inc. d/b/a River Surgical Institute 12/17/2020
MaryJane Granados ShadowBrook Post Acute LLC 12/22/2021
Karen Hart 2 Monroe Operations, LLC 12/21/2021
Dominique Mitchell 2 RMP Safety Services Inc. 12/15/2021
Miles Strang Redwoods Rural Health Center, Incorporated 12/14/2021
Karen Hart Newport Healthcare Advisors, LLC 12/07/2021
Graciela Meraz NextGen Leads, LLC 12/03/2021
Blanca Melendrez DNA Specialty, Inc. 11/24/2021
Alejandro Ramirez De Anda Enterprises dba Taqueria De Anda 11/12/2021
Holly D Brown Parker’s Building Supply - US LBM, LLC 10/29/2021
Patrick Richardson Indian Head Industries, Inc. 10/29/2021
John Jadelrab CCFI, LLC 10/28/2021
Matthew Grimshaw Medic Ambulance Service, Inc. 10/27/2021
Rick Brower Automotive Elite Investments, Inc. 10/27/2021
Janice Lange SJB Foods, Inc. 10/06/2021
Arturo Gonzalez JTI Electrical & Instrumentation, LLC 10/04/2021
Maria Soto Healthrecon Connect, LLC 12/28/2022
Jennifer Mallott Community Housing Partnership 12/23/2022
Paul Arias Opus Consulting Solutions 12/14/2022
Bryan Cioffi 2 J.J. Keller & Associates 12/14/2022
David Fergonise Tri-Rotor, LLC 11/17/2022
Peter Oun Duncan Industries, Inc. 11/17/2022
Colette Appel Invitation Homes Realty California Inc. 11/16/2022
Jason Ruiz Superior Transportation Associates, Inc. 11/15/2022
Troy Cruse Dubug No. 7, Inc. 11/15/2022
Kristine Kaestner My Journey Transport 11/09/2022
Alex Aguila Walnut-Vista Automotive Ind, Inc. 11/01/2022
Kali Campbell Lagan, Inc. 10/24/2022
Yasmine Bayomi Curogram, Inc. 09/26/2022
Jaimee Peters, Sophia Gomez Bastards Bar-B-Que LLC 09/22/2022
Lori A. Yerian Dentinger Professional Evaluations & Developmental Services, LLC 09/22/2022
Mercedes Cervantes Plan-It Life, Inc. 09/15/2022
Diane Gil Electronic Recyclers of America LLC 09/15/2022
Dayvon Sinclair 2, Victor Proctor Sr., Victor Proctor Jr., Nyighyell Anthony Global Alliance Protection 09/08/2022
Ricardo Martinez Loera VC1 Concrete Construction, LLC 09/07/2022
Leonel Hernandez Sr., Leonel Hernandez Jr., Curtis Lupton, Gilberto Dedios, Alejandro Garcia, Justin Robinson WGS Group, Inc. 09/01/2022
Barbara Pryor PJ's Sports Pub 08/30/2022
Gregory John Olivas Fairmont Hospitality, Inc. d/b/a Holiday Inn Express 08/29/2022
Veronica Cusimano Brilliant Earth, LLC 08/29/2022
Kelly Roberts Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. 08/26/2022
Daniella Hansen BJ'S Restaurants, Inc. 08/25/2022
Darryl Thrower 2 Atlantic Labs LB 08/17/2022
Jose Hernandez 2 Janco Industries, Inc 08/16/2022
Iris Franco Acclaim Home Care Inc. 08/10/2022
Scott Vorie Farmer's Insurance Angency of Michael McGann 08/10/2022
Nicholas Wilkerson Official Pest Prevention, Inc. 08/04/2022
Angela Rael, Edwardo Quezada Rudgear Logistics LLC 08/01/2022
Kenyon Walden 7 Eleven, Inc. 07/25/2022
Lee Allen Cowin NEKI, Inc. 07/25/2022
Cori Williams The Club at Mill Creek 07/21/2022
Stephanie Brown Hanford Erudite 07/21/2022
Anthony Batista Humanscale Corporation 07/13/2022
Rosalba Rios, Juan Sosa, Fenix Valle Paschen Management Corporation 07/13/2022
Amanda Oliver Bright Health Group, Inc. 07/01/2022
Lucretia Farrar Allcare Medical Management, Inc. 06/30/2022
Hector Perez N M Food, Inc. 06/22/2022
Ashley Baker Covid Clinic, Inc. 06/22/2022
James Coseboon C.R. England, Inc. 06/21/2022
Daniel Hunter Utility Traffic Control Services, Inc. 06/15/2022
Amritpal Hundal QFS Transportation LLC 06/08/2022
Samantha Mendoza Integrated Protection Corp. 06/02/2022
Ladarious Corderrell Jackson Snyir, Inc. 05/23/2022
Gabriela Bustamante Marriott Hotel Services, Inc. 05/11/2022
Capriccia Colella, Shawn Gomez, Autumn Sambrano, Shannon Yuncker Tradecraft Farms - Port Hueneme, LLC 05/10/2022
Jesus Sepulveda Royal Oak AG Services, Inc. 05/05/2022
Nakeitha Kennedy Northridge Cooperative Homes 05/04/2022
Natalie Robinson, Bryan Robinson The Pampered Pet Hotel and Spa 04/29/2022
Roger Koontz Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc. 04/21/2022
Robert Yanez The Reinforced Earth Company 04/15/2022
Sal Hernandez Andonian Enterprises, Inc. 04/14/2022
Adriana Munoz Peninsula Packaging, LLC 04/08/2022
Brian Hildick Sun Communities, Inc. 04/06/2022
Zaheer Nagin Dignity Community Care 04/04/2022
Margarita Garcia Greens Operations, Inc. 03/28/2022
Joshua Linhares Eric Miller Investigations LLC 03/23/2022
Ferdinand Abad St. Therese Convalescent Hospital, Inc., dba Devonshire Oaks Nursing Center 03/22/2022
Mireya Serrato Martinez EM Tortillas, LLC 03/18/2022
Jessica Vargas American Tax Solutions 03/18/2022
Frederic Licauco, Andrew Spidell Information Technology Partners, Inc. 03/17/2022
Jose Ramon Perez Vaca Sran Family Orchards, Inc. 03/09/2022
Bryan Bentley, Priscilla Portillo AIM for Independence Supportive Services 03/09/2022
Michael Jokel NuMSP - Managed Service Provider 03/09/2022
Nathan Arellano 2 All American Lock Corporation 02/23/2022
Carlos A. Salcido NCRC, Inc. 02/15/2022
Germaine Tanner American Tire Distributors, Inc. 01/28/2022
Brian Saylor Hamama, Inc. 01/13/2022
Brandon Velasquez Precision Almond Harvesting, LLC 01/10/2022

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