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  136 PAGA Claims

Plantiff Employer Submission Date
Mary Lou Kennedy and other aggrieved employees Chapa-De Indian Health Program, Inc. Doing Business As Chapa-De Indian Health 12/18/2023
Brian Gillies and other aggrieved employees Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Inc.;Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.;Ferguson Enterprise 11/02/2023
MARIA ELENA STAPP Life Generations Healthcare, LLC 09/07/2023
Jill Arreaga ASAP QUALITY CARE, LLC 03/15/2023
Leisa Chan, and other aggrieved employees Buca Restaurants 2, Inc. 12/15/2023
Antonia Garcia Rodriguez Super Care, Inc. 08/30/2023
Courtney Brooks and other aggrieved employees CC Venice, LLC; Sunset Restaurant Management Group; Cabo Cantina, LLC; Cabo Can 12/22/2023
Telesia Guttenbeil and other aggrieved employees KAMLA HOTELS, INC.; KAMLA HOTELS; COURTYARD BY MARRIOT VALLEJO NAPA VALLEY 12/20/2023
Barry Christopher and other aggrieved employees Key Air Conditioning Contractors, Inc.;Key Air Conditioning Contractors 12/19/2023
Sylvia Buenrostro and other aggrieved employees Social Vocational Services, Inc. 11/09/2023
Guadalupe Escobar and other aggrieved employees Metropolitan Culinary Services of Southern California, LLC dba METROPOLITAN CUL 12/22/2023
Lanisha Elder Rex and Margaret Fortune School of Education 12/22/2023
Daniel Tellez Wescom Credit Union 12/21/2023
Sophia Nicholas and other similarly aggrieved employees Concord Collective Partners, LLC. 12/21/2023
Kaleb Mayfield and other similarly aggrieved employees Aerospace Dynamics International, Inc. 12/20/2023
Eric Robinson and other aggrieved employees Quidel Corporation dba Quidel; QuidelOrtho Corporation dba 12/19/2023
Cynthia Bazan SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union 12/19/2023
Aswaad Tariq Balderos Autism Learning Partners, LLC 12/19/2023
Norman L. Jackson Jr, and other similarly aggrieved employees Motorola Solutions, Inc. 12/18/2023
Kelly Erin Carpenter and other aggrieved employees Eurofins Eaton Analytical, LLC; ACTALENT SCIENTIFIC, LLC;AEROTEK, INC., 12/15/2023
Rolando Pizarro Ubaldo and other aggrieved employees Sun City Roseville Community Association, Inc. 12/12/2023
Miguel A. Magana and other similarly aggrieved employees Round Raptor, LLC dba Jurassic World: The Exhibition 12/07/2023
Richard A. Azhocar and other similarly aggrieved employees Accel Framing, Inc. 12/06/2023
Michelle Creer and other similarly aggrieved employees Alaska Airlines, Inc. 12/06/2023
Brandon Hollifield, and all aggrieved employees U.S. Borax, Inc. 12/05/2023
Pete Cruz and other aggrieved employees Quantumscape; Quantumscape Corporation; Quantumscape Battery, Inc. 12/04/2023
Taylor Robert Grass, and all aggrieved employees Gringo Ventures, LLC 12/04/2023
Benjamin B. Peters and Thomas J. Zielin and other similarly aggrieved employees Pribuss Engineering, Inc. 12/01/2023
Nicholas M. Coberley and other similarly aggrieved employees Valdez Painting, Inc. 12/01/2023
Jasmina Guadalupe Vargas Gutierrez and other similarly aggrieved employees Hyve Solutions Corporation dba Hyve Solutions 11/30/2023
Robert Rios Altec Industries, Inc. 11/30/2023
Anthony Corrales and other aggrieved employees Caleres, Inc. dba Caleres; Famous Footwear, 11/28/2023
Manuel Cuevas and other aggrieved employees The Belvedere Hotel Partnership dba Peninsula Beverly Hills; Peninsula Beverly 11/21/2023
Sochiat Lee and other aggrieved employees IDEX Health & Science LLC dba IDEX Corporation; Gary D. Nelson Associates, Inc. 11/17/2023
Kyle Chase and other similarly aggrieved employees Allied Gardens Towing, Inc. 11/17/2023
Jonathan F. Aikens and other similarly aggrieved employees Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. 11/17/2023
Melissa Josephine Fluty and other aggrieved employees Zepexco, Inc. dba Zephyr Express; Winebow, Inc. dba Winebow; Central Co 11/16/2023
Adelaida Salangsang and other similarly aggrieved employees HealthFlex Home Health Services 11/16/2023
Rodrigo Gallegos and other similarly aggrieved employees Robert A. Bothman, Inc., dba Robert A. Bothman Construction 11/16/2023
Sara Steele-Ramirez and other aggrieved employees Project Partners Inc.; PrideStaff dba PrideStaff, Inc. 11/15/2023
Joel M. Martinez Railserve, Inc. 11/15/2023
Leslie Bastida Bermudez and other similarly aggrieved employees Glendale Adventist Medical Center 11/14/2023
Ulises Perez Mendoza, and other aggrieved employees NATE'S FINE FOODS LLC 11/14/2023
Donna Denise Rainer and other similarly aggrieved employees First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company 11/14/2023
Kirkland Omega Slaton, and all aggrieved employees Fashion Nova, LLC 11/14/2023
Donte Picou and other aggrieved employees Tracy Logistics LLC 11/13/2023
Akop Cholakian and other similarly aggrieved employees Gerber Collision California, Inc. dba Gerber Collision & Glass 11/13/2023
Dawn Renee Davis, and all aggrieved employees The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. 11/13/2023
Maggy Gakharia, and all aggrieved employees The Andwin Corporation 11/09/2023
Francisco Javier Dominguez Panny Hire, LLC dba Panny Hire 11/08/2023
Chanel Vick and other similarly aggrieved employees Montclair Manor Care Center, LLC. 11/08/2023
David Lee Alvarado, and all aggrieved employees Advanced Image Direct, LLC 11/07/2023
Elias Diaz, and all aggrieved employees Kingsborough Atlas Tree Surgery, Inc. 11/07/2023
Benjamin Pichardo, and all aggrieved employees Brea Towing Service, LLC 11/06/2023
Iliana Reyes, and all aggrieved employees FirstAmerica Automotive, Inc. 11/06/2023
Sergio Salgado and other similarly aggrieved employees Flint Design Build, LLC. 11/06/2023
Kaitlyn Balan ScribeAmerica, LLC 11/06/2023
Timothy Johson and other similarly aggrieved employees Coolport Management, LLC. 10/31/2023
Arlen Alcantar and other similarly aggrieved employees Kidango, Inc. 10/30/2023
Orgil Khatanbaatar, and all aggrieved employees Infogain Technologies, Inc. 10/27/2023
Robert L. Cummings and other similarly aggrieved employees Interpress Technologies, Inc. 10/27/2023
Jose Rubalcava and other similarly aggrieved employees Comprehensive Distribution Services, Inc. 10/27/2023
Daniel Amaya and other aggrieved employees BioFilm, Inc. dba BioFilm Inc.; Express Services Inc. dba Express Employment Pro 10/27/2023
Sharon Elizabeth Herbert Friedman's Home Improvement 10/27/2023
Crystal Morrison and other aggrieved employees RA Johnsfam Inc., 10/26/2023
James D. Greene, and all aggrieved employees Bluewater Grill Redondo LP; Bluewater Redondo Beach, Inc.; Bluewater Santa Barba 10/26/2023
Isaac Delgado and other aggrieved employees OLDCASTLE INFRASTRUCTURE, INC. 10/26/2023
Yuri Isabel Rubio and other aggrieved employees JANIE AND JACK LLC 10/25/2023
Joseph D. Kelly, and all aggrieved employees Humason II, Inc.; Humason + Sons, Inc. 10/25/2023
Katharine Maries Wilson-Davis, and other aggrieved employees HOLT OF CALIFORNIA; HOLT HOLDINGS, LLC; HOC HOLDINGS, INC; HOLT AG SOLUTIONS, LL 10/25/2023
James Cantrell and other aggrieved employees Atwater Supply, Inc.;Atwater Supply doing business as Johnstone Supply;Express E 10/25/2023
Bayarmaa G. Shany and other similarly aggrieved employees Saks & Company, LLC 10/24/2023
Yosvany Medina Rodriguez and other aggrieved employees R.V. Stich Construction, Inc. 10/20/2023
Adrian Guerra, and all aggrieved employees Ramen&Dreams, Inc.;Hironori Bristol, Inc.; Hironori Holdings, Inc.;Hironori Oran 10/18/2023
Alejandro Gonzalez Gomez and other aggrieved employees 4KS Investments LLC dba 4KS Delivery 10/18/2023
Rajeshwar Chand, and all aggrieved employees Unity Courier Services Inc.; Unity Courier Service Inc. 10/16/2023
Cecilia Alcaraz and other aggrieved employees HHM Facility Management LLC 10/12/2023
Wilmer Hernandez and other aggrieved employees Adidas America, Inc. 10/12/2023
Dalia Hoffens and other similarly aggrieved employees Acco Engineered Systems, Inc. 10/11/2023
Renato G. Viray, and all aggrieved employees Care Indeed, Inc.; Care Indeed Home Healthcare, Inc. 10/11/2023
Alfred Garza, and all aggrieved employees Amerit Fleet Solutions, Inc. 10/10/2023
Aubrey Bell, and all aggrieved employees Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.; Advantex Professional Services; Mediquest 10/10/2023
Daniel Chapman and other aggrieved employees Lytton Vineyard & Winery LP dba Avensole Winery 10/10/2023
Paul Cardoza and other aggrieved employees America’s Finest Charter School 10/10/2023
Artis Andre Gupton, and all aggrieved employees Superior Cleaning Solutions, LLC 10/06/2023
Juan Hernandez and other similarly situated Calderon Drywall Contractors Inc. 10/06/2023
Beverly W. Cooley and other similarly aggrieved employees Sonora Community Hospital 10/05/2023
Amy John Ochirvaani, and all aggrieved employees Shields For Families 10/04/2023
Joseph Alesna and other similarly aggrieved employees GSJ Construction Company, Inc. 10/04/2023
Holly Zuzula and other aggrieved employees TMS Health Partners, LLC;Mindful Health Solutions 10/04/2023
Griselda Gonzalez and other similarly aggrieved employees Walter Timmons Enterprises, Inc. dba Timmons Volkswagen of Long Beach 10/04/2023
Michelle Delarosa and other similarly aggrieved employees Community Health Centers of America 10/04/2023
Rodger Lee Capps and other aggrieved employees West Coast Energy Systems LLC; Electronic Environments Corporation;Electronic En 09/29/2023
Cherrie M. Alonzo and Amanda A. Bucaro, and other similarly aggrieved individuals Reimagine Network f/k/a Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California 09/29/2023
Abdolla Kowighadoush and other similarly aggrieved employees NKSFB, LLC. 09/29/2023
Christopher Torno Baclay other similarly aggrieved employees Emerald Fund, Inc. 09/27/2023
Gabriel Lioneel Cervantez and other aggrieved employees Star Pro Security Patrol, Inc. 09/27/2023
Cluadia Orozco and other aggrieved employees Anaheim Arena Management, LLC; Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC 09/27/2023
David T. Atkins and other similarly aggrieved employees, LLC. 09/26/2023
Donato Geda, and all aggrieved employees Tru Nation, LLC; Vensure HR, Inc.; Caltek Technologies, Inc.;El Camino Hospital, 09/26/2023
Sandra Pina and other similarly aggrieved employees 48Forty Solutions, LLC. 09/26/2023
Daniel Carrillo and other aggrieved employees MOBILEONE, LLC 09/26/2023
Maurice Larry and other aggrieved employees DYNASTY SHIPPING US, LLC. 09/25/2023
Natasha Denise Taylor and other aggrieved employees Realty Income Corporation; Robert Half, Inc. 09/25/2023
John Pardee and other aggrieved employees Holz Rubber Company, Inc.;Hr Outsourcing Associates, LLC 09/25/2023
Spencer Corbaley and other aggrieved employees KAGOME, INC.;THE MORNING STAR PACKING COMPANY, L.P., 09/22/2023
Sean Gittens and other aggrieved employees NVA MASH CAPITAL PARTNERS, LP;NVA MASH VETERINARY MANAGEMENT;NVA ABBY GP, INC.,; 09/21/2023
Julian Ramos and other aggrieved empoloyees Cruise LLC; Actalent Services, LLC; Actalent, Inc. 09/21/2023
Darren Garcia and other aggrieved employees Clearfreight, Inc. 09/21/2023
Joseph Luis Martin and other aggrieved employees Silver Strand, Inc.; Workyard, Inc.; Workyard Holdings, Inc. 09/20/2023
Humberto Montoya and other aggrieved employees East Bay Tire Co. 09/20/2023
Joseph Carlos Beltran and other aggrieved employees HERMAN WEISSKER, INC.; MERUELO ENTERPRISES 09/18/2023
Justin Aaron Heard and other aggrieved employees FORD MOTOR COMPANY 09/18/2023
Clyde Davis Morrison II and other aggrieved employees Brooks Pest Control, Inc. 09/18/2023
Arnold Maynard Aggas II, and other aggrieved employees Gibbs International, Inc. 09/14/2023
Rasheda K. Kirby and other aggrieved employees TROVE RECOMMERCE, INC.;TROVE, INC.;YERDLE, INC. 09/13/2023
Marissa Brown and other aggrieved employees Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 09/13/2023
Arturo B. Amaya and other aggrieved employees Fig Leasing Co, Inc.; Appleone, Inc. 09/13/2023
Paula Martinez LA Financial Credit Union 09/13/2023
Jessie Lopez and aggrieved employees West Coast Arborist, Inc. 09/11/2023
Mardena McPhail The Golden 1 Credit Union 09/11/2023
Moses Silva and other aggrieved employees U.C.I. Construction, Inc.; Corey Delta Constructors, Inc. 09/11/2023
Udoka Nweke and other aggrieved employees Kerberos International, Inc. 09/08/2023
Bernettia Clara Williams Empire Transportation, Inc. 09/07/2023
Dawn Janowski and other aggrieved employees J B Mechanical, Inc., MAS Service, MAS, Inc., John Billheimer 09/06/2023
Alfredo Castaneda. and other aggrieved employees Ready Pac Foods, Inc., Ready Pac Produce, Inc., Salad Time, LLC, Missa Bay, LLC 09/06/2023
Andrew Trejo Baca and other similarly aggrieved employees Airport Appliance, Inc. 09/05/2023
Angela Fagundo and other similarly aggrieved employees North Coast Opportunities, Inc. 09/05/2023
Paul Nathan Wynn and other aggrieved employees Avanath Communities, Inc., Avanath Realty, Inc., Avanath Capital Management, LLC 09/01/2023
Darren Dave Woodson and other aggrieved employees Armorcast Products Company, Inc., Hubbell, Hubbell Power Systems, One Hubbell, H 09/01/2023
Teddy Lawrence Dreher Center for Employment Opportunities, Inc. 09/01/2023
Reginald Todd and other aggrieved employees Compass Group USA, Inc.; Delta Air Lines, Inc. 09/01/2023
Jeffrey G. Robinson and other similarly aggrieved employees Total Traffic Control, Inc. 08/30/2023
Dallas Segall, and other aggrieved employees North American Mental Health Services, Inc. 08/29/2023
Aaron Alexander Arnold Valley Specialty Nursing Care, Inc. 08/28/2023

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