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Law Office of Shaun Setareh

  8 PAGA Claims

Plantiff Employer Submission Date
Carlos Quevedo Macy's Department Stores, Inc. 12/05/2008
Sarah Pilest KAPLAN, Inc.; KAPLAN Higher Ed. Corp., Inc.; KAPLAN Test Prep Intnl. c/o CT Cor 03/13/2009
Sarah Pilest Score! Educational Centers, Inc. C/o CT Corporatio 04/23/2009
Jacqueline E. Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. C/o CT Corporati 05/08/2009
Noelle Batiste CBC Restaurant Corp. 04/15/2010
Candace Butler California Drug Consultants; Integrated Care Communities, Inc. c/o Carl E. Rowe 04/16/2010
Hermes Cerdenia USA Truck, Inc. 07/01/2010
Dan Savoy United Parcel Service, Inc. 05/21/2012

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