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Law Offices of Lucius A. Cooper

  13 PAGA Claims

Plantiff Employer Submission Date
Ashley Trayner Micro Dental Laboratories 11/09/2004
Doug Heske Piper Jaffray & Co 11/09/2004
Christina White All Components Engineering 11/10/2004
Kelly Greenfield America West Airlines, Inc. 11/10/2004
Paul Traskal Divergenet, Inc. 11/10/2004
Yvonne Cox California Security Alarms, Inc. 11/10/2004
Patrick Godfrey Thomas Lighting Company 12/02/2004
Charlene Madkins Whalen & Company 01/11/2005
Mary Scroggins Brentwood Caf?© 03/01/2005
Roger Working Black & Decker U.S. Inc. 03/03/2005
Daniel Bell Carter Industries 06/27/2005
Elena Dunivan TYCO Healthcare 10/13/2005
Monique Ringor Cal State 9 Credit Union 10/13/2005

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