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Morey & Upton

  9 PAGA Claims

Plantiff Employer Submission Date
Dorthy De Elite Exteriors, Inc. 08/10/2005
Denise Van Restaurant Enterprises, LLC 11/07/2005
Christina Rossi Balboa Capital Corporation 06/06/2008
Cathleen Earley Champps Entertainment, Inc., Chammps Americana, Inc., Champps Americana, and Ch 07/08/2008
Endang Widjaja Taco Bell Corp. 02/10/2009
Gregg Pastore Micro Electronics, Inc. dba Micro Center 02/13/2009
Scott Poe Niagara Distributing, LLC; Niagara Water 02/20/2009
Paul Anderson Tuttle-Click Ford Lincoln Mercury; Tuttle-Click Ford, Inc.; Tuttle Click, Inc. 03/10/2009
Shane Nicholson Guardian Pest Services, Inc. 06/01/2009

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