It’s difficult to imagine a worse candidate for Labor Secretary of the United States than Julie Su. But somehow, the idea of her leading the Labor Department has become a very realistic possibility.

Su is considered one of a handful of front runners to become President Biden’s Secretary of Labor as he considers who should replace outgoing Secretary Marty Walsh. As the current Deputy Secretary of Labor, Su seems like the natural successor.

But after nearly destroying California’s  Employment Development Department (EDD) and refusing to take responsibility for her actions, there is no one less worthy of promotion than Su.

For those who did not suffer under Su’s reign in California, here are just a few of Su’s most shocking failures:

  • Under Su’s watch, California paid out almost $40 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments.
  • The fraud occurred as part of a system-wide technology failure during the onset of the pandemic. Su had been warned about the system’s weakness but she chose not to address it.
  • Many criminals receive unemployment checks in their names, including convicted serial killers Cary Stayner and Wayne Ford. 
  • The personal information of hundreds of thousands of Californians, including Social Security Numbers, was sent to wrong addresses, exposing unemployed Californians to identity theft. One house received more than 60 separate letters featuring the SSNs of other people. 
  • Many honest Californians had their accounts frozen or received late payments while Su failed to address the fraud issue. 
  • Su received bipartisan backlash for her failures, including from Democratic California Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, who said, “[Su] has not done a good job at running the Employment Development Department and, as a result, has wasted billions of dollars and, more importantly, caused heartache for millions of Californians.”
  • Su continues to blame everyone but herself for the problems she oversaw at EDD. 

Despite all these failures, Su was still promoted to deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor. But it’s time for Su to stop failing upwards.

Many in Washington are sounding the alarms that Su must not be promoted. Several members of California’s congressional delegation signed a letter urging Biden against choosing Su, including Reps. Darrell Issa, Jay Obernolte, Young Kim, Tom McClintock, Ken Calvert, and Mike Garcia.

Californians are still dealing with the mess Su made. We can’t let her take the reins in Washington. Biden must pick someone — anyone! — beside Su.

You can see the full extent of Su’s failures in our report here. Watch our video opposing Su’s nomination as deputy secretary here.